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Irkalla is a land devastated by disaster. 800 years ago a cataclysm struck, known now as the Days of Fire. During those days, mountains heaved and entire cities were drowned as ocean rushed in to fill the new valleys. Mountains erupted in flames. The entire sky was blackened and a great portion of the land’s populace was killed. The land was never the same. Even 800 years later, ash still blackens the sky and the land refuses to produce plentifully.

The Betrayer. Over the last 800 years none in Irkalla would speak his name and now it has been forgotten. Legend tells that the Betrayer was once a good man, a hero. With his companions he fought against evil’s followers. His most trusted and loyal companion was a brave knight named Anu who wielded a sword of light. Even the most vile of monsters shied from his blade. All who knew Anu loved him.

Legends tell that the Betrayer and Anu sought to destroy the great Lord of Darkness with their other heroic companions. They fought and killed the generals and minions of Darkness and eventually discovered where the Lord of Darkness himself was hidden. During the final battle, Anu held high his sword of light and was about to deliver the finishing blow that would end evil’s threat. Then he was betrayed. Anu and his companions fell before the onslaught of the Betrayer and the Lord of Darkness. Though close to death, Anu managed to escape in the hopes of being able to return and finish the Lord of Darkness. But Anu was gravely wounded. After escaping, he was found by a merchant caravan. All he could say before he died was that they had been betrayed. A shrine was raised in that spot over the remains of Anu.

Shortly after the death of Anu, the Days of Fire came.

Main Page

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